Zach Grande

PhD, 1st year

Project: Warm dense fluids and synthetic Uranus 

Email: grandez@unlv.nevada.edu


Zach joined HiPSEC in June of 2016 after completing his undergraduate in physics, December of 2015 at UNLV. During his undergraduate course work, Zach researched ultra high vacuum technology and electron transfer reactions between ions and molecules under Dr. Victor H.S. Kwong. Zach is researching the low-Z systems known as high pressure ices (i.e. water, ammonia, methane) at extreme conditions by means of Laser-Heated Diamond Anvil Cells. He aims to better understand the behavior of multicomponent systems at the extreme conditions found in the interiors of icy giant planets like Uranus and Neptune; as well as the discovery of exotic phases that may exist at such conditions.